Other well trained and experienced therapists

We do not know all of the psychotherapists in our local area, and therefore cannot claim to know all of the well trained and experienced ones – or even all of the naturally gifted ones.  But we do happen to know some people whose work we know, respect and trust.  

If we do offer to pass you on to other therapists, you should know that we do so without any ‘deals’ being done around it.  We do not charge any fees, nor expect any recompense from the therapists we may mention.  The therapists we mention will have their own trainings and backgrounds, follow the codes of ethics of their training organisations, and have their own insurance.  We are neither responsible for their work nor govern it – they are independent practitioners.  You should therefore check them out yourselves, as you should any therapist.  For our advice on this, see our advice on how to check out a psychotherapist.