Chronic Pain

When we first feel unwell with pain we may rest ourselves, perhaps taking time out from our usual activities. Hopefully we recover and gently resume our actvities. But what if the pain doesn’t go away, when the weeks and months and sometimes years pass with no significant reduction in pain?

 Often people who experience chronic pain have greatly reduced actvities, and many people can become unemployed and socially isolated. Continue reading

CBT and NICE Guidelines – a good thing?

How helpful are the NICE Guidelines when it comes to psychological therapies?

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence provides guidelines for good practice in all health care based on systematic reviews of randomised controlled trials. In the world of mental health some therapies have been very on the ball with outcome measures and lend themselves well to being developed into treatment protocols for specific sets of problems, or diagnoses. CBT is one of these, which is why CBT is still the main therapy on the menu in the NHS. CBT does not have to be delivered in protocol fashion, but to be NICE Guideline compliant it does. Continue reading “CBT and NICE Guidelines – a good thing?”