Chronic Pain

When we first feel unwell with pain we may rest ourselves, perhaps taking time out from our usual activities. Hopefully we recover and gently resume our actvities. But what if the pain doesn’t go away, when the weeks and months and sometimes years pass with no significant reduction in pain?

 Often people who experience chronic pain have greatly reduced actvities, and many people can become unemployed and socially isolated. Continue reading

Staying Well

I have written in a previous blog about relapse prevention plans. Once a person is feeling better, no longer unduly anxious or clinically depressed, it is important to look at ways of keeping well. This can include how to respond if the anxiety re-emerges or the mood dips again, but hopefully we can go further than this and consider what for us constitutes living well.  Continue reading “Staying Well”

Beautiful Restoration

When we seek help for our psychological distress we may hope the outcome will be a return to our “old” self. This may happen, but some of us may become changed, in a good way.

The term “kintsugi” means ‘golden joinery’ in Japanese and refers to the art of fixing broken ceramics with a golden lacquer resin. Broken pots which have been fixed using kintsugi are often thought to look more beautiful than before the breakage, and often their value is increased too. Continue reading “Beautiful Restoration”