Psychotherapy by Zoom – what is different?

Preparing for psychotherapy by video: Before, during and after …


There is a natural and understandable reticence about undertaking psychotherapy by video link. We intuit that it will feel different. It is different in important ways. It cannot be the same as a face-to-face session in the usual clinical setting.

So let’s think a little about why this move from a personal meeting to a ‘remote’ meeting is different and use this knowledge to help ourselves optimize the therapy-via-video experience. Continue reading

Will my therapist talk to other people about me?

We all want to know that when we choose to speak with a therapist about intimate aspects of ourselves this will be treated with confidentiality. But if our therapist is unable to talk about us then how can we be assured that the therapy is going as well as possible? Continue reading “Will my therapist talk to other people about me?”