Should I Google my therapist?

We search people up online all the time, so should you look up your therapist?

Why not? You want to know her qualifications and experience, and fortunately all this is freely available, as it should be. The mystery of therapists and other professionals is for yesterday. But maybe you want to know more? OK. It might be quite easy to see whether she lives with another adult, that might be interesting. Is it? Maybe she is a member of a club- perhaps the same kind of club that you might be interested in, or completely different. That might be interesting? Maybe. She might use social media and you could see how many contacts she has and what type of contacts these are. Interesting? I’m getting less and less interested as I write this!

Yes, it’s possible to access information, but only information that has been put onto the web, so much more information is missing than available. But what to make of the information that is available? How does it really help? Will it tell you anything about the person you are considering booking an appointment with, or who you are already seeing. Some therapists don’t come up at all on a search, except the information about their clinical practice. Some people are involved in things which mean that they come up on various pages (where people come in a race such as a triathlon is a popular one- that’s interesting, I admire an athlete).

A good way to check whether this information is actually illuminating is to search up people you already know and see whether what you find out about them on the internet is a reflection of that person’s ability to understand problems, be compassionate, empathetic, warm, maybe challenging, safe, and so on. You get the idea.

Searching people up on the internet can seem irresistible, so feel free if it helps. One thing I can assure you is that I will not search you up before you come; I would much rather wait to hear what you have to say about yourself.