Is anxiety or depression a weakness?

I am not even going to honour this question with an answer. However, what I will say is that it takes a great deal of courage to admit to ourselves that we are struggling and then also to admit to others that this is the case.

When I went to see a therapist I was petrified of what I was going to discover about myself. There was nothing terrible to uncover. Yes I met pains and vulnerabilities which I found a new way to be with, but there was nothing dreadful about me, just my humanness.

We can experience enough sadness and anxiety without the added pain and shame we give ourselves for experiencing these, and yet it is a very real issue which often comes up in therapy.

Some celebrities are making a really good start to try and reduce the stigma of “mental illness”, take a look here if you are interested. Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a society where we could all be a bit more open?