IMPORTANT It is worth discussing your needs with your General Practitioner in case there are appropriate NHS psychological therapies available to you.

Private therapists charge a fee for the sessions that you book with them. Fees vary according to the treatment and the clinician.   For those of you funding yourselves we can give you a rough idea of the fees charged for one session by qualified practitioners in the Brighton and Sussex area:

  • individual therapy will cost between £75 per 50 min session
  • couple therapy between £85 – 140 per 60 min session
  • group therapy £115 pcm (42 x 1.5h sessions p.a.)

Cancellation of a session usually incurs a charge. This should be set out for you by your therapist and agreed with you at the start of therapy together.

A good psychotherapist will be straightforward with you about their fees.

Strangely, the most expensive therapists are not necessarily the best, so the fee is not a reliable guide to skill or experience. Some unskilled therapists charge a high fee. Some experienced and skilled psychotherapists have a sliding scale or offer some low-cost sessions. Some clinics and organisations offer ‘low cost’ therapy.

However, some therapists charging a low fee may not be a good choice and they may be too inexperienced or too ineffective to be helpful to you.

Some trainee and beginner therapists charge very low fees, in order to build up their experience of offering the treatments that they are learning. Some of these therapists may be ineffective but some will be naturally gifted and intuitive. Because they are in training or establishing themselves, they may be very enthusiastic. They may also be closely supervised. In such situations having therapy with them is a good opportunity. If you are interested in intensive analytic treatment (three to five times a week) it is possible to find that with a trainee for as little as £10 a session or less.

Some treatments are designed to be long term and the therapist will bill you once a month. Some treatments are less regular or short term and the therapist may bill you at each session. Some long term therapies require a commitment to pay for the regular session time whether you are able to make the appointment or not.